One Layer Pipe & Fittings


polymer pipes have been introduced to the global consumer market since nearly 15 years ago. These pipes have not been able to resist against pressure and heat and other materials took place instead of these pipes, including steel, copper and galvanized.
According to research, plastic polymers pipes of copolymer polypropylene compared to other polymers shown better response to pressure, temperature, corrosion, dissolution, etc. and are suitable for  hygiene hot and cold water
Sanitary single-layer pipe and fittings of Yazd Pipe Corporation has been producing by using of the best raw materials and with the highest quality standards since 1996, Although, many cases of qualitative have been added to its products by precise review and research. The Yazd Pipe’s products are known as the most stable with highest quality in the market


Yazd Pipe Single-layer pipes and fittings compared to other types of pipes, do not rust, do not rot, and do not change taste, color and odor of water
due to the low thermal conductivity energy-saving heating systems and high flexibility, breakage is minimized and so, are suitable for earthquake-prone areas- due to production of male pipes and fittings with inner lining of polypropylene material.
Scale formation and corrosion in pipes are minimized in Yazd Pipe single-layer products, and as well as are maintained full health drinking water.
 There is not pressure drop in these products due to the smooth, inner surface in the productive pipe and fitting.
 The connector can be seal easily and with high reliably due to careful design of fittings and production of assorted keys brass fittings of an inch in size

Creating a complete product portfolio with the production of pipes and fittings in the most various dimensions and different pressure levels Using the best materials health From the most prestigious manufacturers of domestic and international 
Applying the highest standards of the world in testing, quality control, raw material and final product phase
Using the most up to date laboratory equipment and facilities in order to produce products with global quality
Having extensive distribution network and after-sales service
Ultra-Cool Products with official guarantee of fifty-year and ten-year guarantee of Iran insurance

Yazd Pipe fittings and pipes are produced in sizes: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90 and at different pressure levels including: (PN10, PN16, and PN20)

External diameter


internal diameter


weight per unit length









































Technical specifications table of Yazd Pipes tubes on the basis of different sizes (PN20)

Raw materials used in the manufacture of Yazd Pipe single-layer production is from a random polypropylene polymer, PPRC's brand
Yazd Pipe Industry Group is proud to keep a high quality level of its products, and has provided raw materials from the most prestigious and best domestic and international manufacturing companies.
Extended Technical Certification of research center of Way; Housing and Urban Development is a clear proof of the Yazd Pipe company's commitment to use raw materials of the highest quality

PP-R polypropylene Single-layer pipes
producing of the pipes and starting of production of raw materials and pigments are entered to the cylinder of devices in specified ratio and materials are melted by spiral that there is into the cylinder and heather around the cylinder and at the end go out as paste tube (extruded) then paste tube enter calibrator that are closed in the vacuum tank and at the same time, pipe became cool and size
In the following, information is printed on pipes and after passing through the stretch part, pipe enter to cutting part that in this part pipes is cut by the(4 meters) specified size then, by the wharf, cut branches is available  operator to control and if approved Q.C will be packed.

PP-R polypropylene single-layer connections
These fittings are produced by injection machine and depending on the type of connection; the related form is closed on the device for the production of these fittings, the polypropylene raw material and pigment are mixed together at a specified ratio and melts by heater that there is around the cylinders and is injected into the mold quickly and a certain pressure. upon completion of the injection and forming, cooling stage of template interfaces is done.
Then mold open and ejector done until get operator productive connect. Connect is produced by the operator control and fold up.
In consolidated connections before closing the mold, brass piece (brass cover or brass nuclear) is laid within the framework by operator to be injected polypropylene material around it

- When loading and unloading of pipes should be avoided from throwing them because it will cause damage and breakage of pipes (particularly in winter)

- Pipes and fittings should be kept away from sunlight and in suitable place, because sunlight causes the degradation of the polymer
- With regard to use pipes and fittings in the health water plumbing, where were kept them should be free of contaminants   

Note: In the case of 2 and 3 be careful packaging of pipe and fittings remain intact, because packaging items largely protect pipes and fittings from sunlight and pollution
-Pipes should be store and maintain in smooth surface and without ups and downs, because the roughness of underside surfaces will be disfiguring and unevenness of pipes.
-Avoid from storage of pipes and fittings in commute because abnormal pressures will cause injury and damage them.
-In places where humidity is high, consolidated connections (with brass socket) before installing should be held in the boxes and wrapping, because high humidity and long-term cause discoloration of brass socket.

Due to the possibility of pipes damage caused by transport and improper storage (such as fractures, cracks, surface contamination, etc.) pipes and fittings must controlled before installing and avoided from using faulty pipes and fittings.
To avoid pressure on the tube when the tubes is required of each pass, the bent pipe (bridge) should be used.
In plastic installation (especially outside), to prevent frost and sunlight, it is necessary plastic plumbing system are insulating by suitable insulation (fiberglass, foam, etc.) 
In built-in installation is required to prevent freezing to be considered frost depth and using appropriate insulation (foam, shells, etc.).
-After plumbing because of continuing of construction activity, damage to plumbing system is more likely possible so the pipeline routes must be covered by good protection, such as sand, foam.
-To determine any possible defects in the plumbing system (such as leakage, breakage, etc.), plumbing system must be tested according to related instruction.
-After the end of the test and to prevent from freezing pipes in winter, water of piping system must be drain.
-Although the gases given off by the cinematography of pipes and fittings are not toxic, but try to avoid inhaling it or the corresponding mask to be used.
-To prevent pollution and environmental damage, packaging items of pipes and fittings (cardboard, nylon, etc.) as well as cutting pieces of pipe collect and deliver them to recycling units