Five Layers Pipe & Fittings


Consolidated pipes or five-layer pipes, because of many advantages such as flexibility, high heat tolerance and low linear expansion coefficient, have many applications in sanitary piping systems for hot and cold water, air conditioning networks and heating systems, floor heating systems and so on.
This type of pipes is formed of two-layer polymer, two adhesive layers and a layer of aluminum. The outer layer and inner layer are made of polymer based on polyethylene that is attached with two layer of glue to the middle layer which made of aluminum sheet.

In manufacturing five-layer pipes of industry group which known as Yazd Pipe brand, are used the best raw materials and manufacturing processes to provide products with the highest standards of hygiene and technical.


Continuous heat resistance
High pressure resistance
High resistance to rust, rot and acidic and alkaline environments
Prevent the accumulation of sediment and low pressure drop
Has a low coefficient of linear expansion in the metal tube
Lack of oxygen and ultraviolet radiation
Ability to bend down and ductility and speed up installation-
High resistance against settlement construction and earthquake-


Five Layers (multi layers) Pipe & Fittings

Five Layers (multi layers) Pipe & Fittings

Structure of Yazd Pipe five-layer pipes
Outer layer: This layer is made of a special type of polyethylene called PE-RT or PE
The middle layer: is a sheet of aluminum with a special alloy that is welded longitudinally and is come in the form of aluminum tubes.
(Longitudinally over lapped / Butt-welded Aluminum)
Adhesive layer: consists of two layers of special glue that links the middle layer to outer layer and the inner layer which is made of PE-RT or PEX.
The inner layer: This layer also like the outer layer is made of a special type of polyethylene is called PE-RT or PEX.

Yazd Pipe Industry Group is proud to keep a high quality level of its products, Raw materials from the most prestigious and best domestic and international manufacturing companies has produced

Five-layer polyethylene pipes PERT / AL / PERT or PEX / AL / PEX
The pipes are made of five layers that include:
1-polyethylene material (PEX or PERT) inner layer
2-the inner layer glue
3-Aluminium band
4-the outer layer glue

5-polyethylene material (PEX or PERT) outer layer

For producing these pipes, aluminum tape (roll) is placed at beginning of the line and aluminum strip after passing through starter enter into
special rolls for shaping until tape comes in the form of pipe.

Five Layers (multi layers) Pipe & Fittings

Five Layers (multi layers) Pipe & Fittings

Five Layers (multi layers) Pipe & Fittings