How could we get sale representative of Yazd Pipe products and what documents are needed?

To get the sale official representative of Yazd Pipe products industry group, in the first stage, register your information completely in the representative applicant form in the company site (the contact us menu).

What are standards and certification of products of Yazd Pipe industry group?

For information on qualifications, standards, and certification of company, there is a part with the same title in site that you can get picture of these documents over there.
To download the full file of documents, you can receive related file that has been prepared as pdf from the part of site download center

Which is the best way to get the catalogs, brochures, etc.?

All the catalogs and promotional items as a file are placed on the site and constantly are updated.
To get it, from the main page select the Download Center. If you need for printed catalogs to delivery, register your contact information in the contact us part or contact directly by telephone of the sale department

How to get prices of Yazd Industrial product?

To get the price list of our production, enter your information in part of contact us site until to be contacted from the sale department

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