We tried to be a pioneer in professional, industrial and productive activities, in addition to play a role in our country in other fields including athletic, social and cultural.Athletic, cultural and educational units of Yazd Pipe have followed their special activities in several years to meet high purposes of Yazd Pipe industrial group.achievements of educational unit of Yazd Pipe industrial group are: 
Holding workshops and multiple training courses across the country, 
Writing and publishing books and pamphlets, 
making and publishing training videos….
Sports teams, including adolescents and youth football teams and workers football team of Yazd Pipe enter to realm of professional competition by reprograming in New Year and hope to be a worthy representative for the Yazd sport through the efforts of teams, players and technical staff.
Along with professional sports teams, we are trying to have stake in the success of our province and country sports through identifying talents and training them from childhood in football school of pipe Yazd by employing the professional coaches.
Introduction of multi-player from soccer school of Yazd Pipe is a clear proof of expertise and
determination of coaches and athletic directors Yazd Pipe.