Yazd Pipe Company started its activity in 1997 as the first producer of pipes and polypropylene fittings in Yazd. In order to produce products with high quality, observance to principles of quality control has always been a priority in the work of employees of the company in various stages of the production process.
The company considered the needs of clients using their experience of committed experts and the latest technology and high quality raw materials, it has begun production of pipes and five-layer fittings with brand Yazd pipe.
In order to meet the needs of customers in the 2015, series of push fit Sewage products brand push fit was added to Yazd Pipe product portfolio until help us in its mission to meet the needs of consumers in the fastest time and with the best quality.

Why Yazdpipe

Pipe and fittings production in the various dimensions and different ressure groups in all three product groups Yazd Pipe, Yazd Pipe and Yazd push fit.
Hygienic single-layer pipes and fittings production due to the use of the best hygienic raw materials, especial production process which in it polypropylene material is injected into the brass fittings
Easy installing of connecting and sealing of system piping due to precise design of production molds
Applying the highest updating standards of world in testing, quality control, raw materials and final products using the most modern laboratory equipment
Holder of Iranian National Standard Certificate for pipes of polymer, polymer fittings, five layers pipes and pipes and fittings push fit of sewage
Owner of technical certification of research center of road, housing and urban development, for polymeric connection
Five level pipes, pipe and push-fit sewer and extension
This certification without interruption from 1384 to date for plastic pipes
Owner of health license of construction from country s food and drug administration
Owner of certification and statue of regard of consumer rights in 83, 84, 91,92and 94 years.
Owner of certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002, ISO 10004, ISO 17025
Owner formal warranty of Iran assurance for using of pipe and plyometric connections in heater system 
 Top quality and technology award in Europe (ICS)
Top standard unit
Owner of laboratory accreditation standards based on ISO 17025
Gold award of the most well-known and most prestigious
ranian company
Face-lasting quality
Top industrial unit
Top national Brand

Fifty years factory warranty with 10 years warranty of Iran assurance is confidence of quality of Yazd Pipe industry group productions that dedicate it with honor and to our customers.




Yazd Pipe Industrial Group as a pioneer in the production of pipe and polymer fittings in Iran, by relying on God tries to achieve satisfaction and confidence of customer.So integrated management system establish itself base on standard IMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO10002, ISO10004 and ISO 17025) across the organization and know the following topics the forefront of their performance:
Identifying and ensuring of perception of needs and wishes of customers and effort to their satisfaction
Promoting and maintaining production quality with consciousness to customer-oriented principle
Efficient using of equipment, supplies, and facilities in order to improve product quality, increase productivity, reduce waste and energy consumption
Taking advantage of new technologies and appropriate equipment to improve production systems and acquire new markets
Protect and promote the health of employees and community and to minimize the causes of accident  and effects of environmental abuse and adherence to regulations of  quality, environmental and safety occupational health  in accordance with national laws and regulations
using committed and professional  human resources as the most valuable and important asset of the organization and promoting specialized knowledge and skills through the creation of motivation in  manpower, training  and increasing employees' participation.

Organization Chart